15 Open Source Twitter Bootstrap Code Snippets 

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Bootstrap is an open source framework that can save you countless hours and help you create a professional, top-quality website. If you’re looking to code with Bootstrap and need extra features or want to learn code integration then you should try adding a code snippet to your project. Code snippets are short stand-alone pieces of code that provide your website with additional features such as special navigation menus and scrolling effects. Get started using Bootstrap with one of these 15 open source Twitter Bootstrap code snippets today.

1. Windows-Inspired Tiles

If you’ve ever wanted Windows-inspired tiles on your website then you’re in luck. This free code snippet installs mobile-like Metro tiles reminiscent of Windows 8 for your visitors to use as navigation buttons. This is a great way to make your site have more of a mobile aesthetic.

2. Create a Poll

One of the best ways to enhance your website and engage users is to install a poll with voting options. This code snippet for the Bootstrap framework lets you easily install a functional vertical or horizontal poll on any website.

3. Bootstrap Contact Forms

This contact form snippet is a must-have for any Bootstrap based website. This code allows you to create a simple contact form on your site with several input fields and drop-down selectors. This form also contains social media links for additional contact options.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials let your visitors know that your company offers quality service and has experience working with other clients. Use this Bootstrap code snippet to add a testimonials section to any page on your website. For added validity, this testimonial code shows a name, company link, and photo for each reviewer.

5. Free Social Icons for Bootstrap

This well-designed social icon widget will be a positive addition to any website design. Simply paste this HTML and CSS code snippet into your site’s corresponding pages to display a neat, minimalist social icon widget on your frontend. This widget contains icons for six popular social networks and includes a hover animation effect.

6. Table Filters

Table filters can be difficult to create and take valuable development time away from other areas of your web projects. Luckily, someone has created a Bootstrap table filter system that’s free to use for any website. This code snippet contains a five-filter table with check boxes for each item by default.

7. Bootstrap Receipts

Send your clients receipts for web purchases with this advanced Bootstrap receipt system. This snippet is easily integrated into any website with a few copy and paste commands. It creates a modern, mobile-friendly receipt which can be emailed directly to purchasers or uploaded to your website for online viewing.

8. Responsive Dashboard Design

This code snippet is handy for any business or sales-oriented website. This code adds a client dashboard to your site so that users can review accounts and orders. The dashboard generated by this free code snippet is flat and responsive, making it the perfect addition to any responsive website.

9. Parallax Login Form

This login form contains special scrolling and hover effects using the parallax design method. You can add this to any site to have a floating login that encourages users to log into your site to see additional content. Use this over grayed-out content to add extra incentive for users to login on your site.

10. Grid Style Gallery

If you’re a web designer, photographer, or artist then this code snippet is a must-have for you. This snippet installs a grid-style portfolio system on any HTML page with clickable thumbnails and photo descriptions. Work with this snippet to create the portfolio section of any web project.

11. Interactive Panel Headings

Panel headings make great navigation bars and buttons, and can be used to show drop-down options or expand menus. This code snippet installs a panel heading on your site with a neat border and intuitive clickable plus sign to let users know where to click.

12. Icon Selector

This free code snippet for Bootstrap allows you to choose an icon from a search box function. It uses CSS and connects to your selected icon folder to find the perfect icon for any use on your site. This simple code is easy to install and modify and will work on any HTML or WordPress website.

13. Circle Progress Loader

This is a great code snippet for anyone with WordPress or HTML web hosting. Install this code on your landing page or on pages with heavy content to let users see the progress of their downloads. This circular progress bar contains color-fill effects and a numerical progress indicator.

14. Gmail Inspired Email

Show off your development and design talents by working with this brilliant Gmail-style code snippet on your next website. This free code installs an email inbox on your site that contains social, primary, and promotional categories for easy organization of emails.

15. Invoices

Many invoicing systems are available across the web, but few are free of charge to web developers. This simple invoice code snippet for Twitter Bootstrap will help you create invoices for clients with line items and other details.

These open source code snippets are free to use for any commercial project and will work with any web hosting plan. You can easily add menus, scrolling effects, and other features to your website by inserting these code snippets into your projects. Working with code snippets is a great way to save time and learn more about the Bootstrap framework. These code snippets can be copied and inserted into your code with little or no knowledge of coding.


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