6 Useful Yet Handy Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

No matter how rich or lavish your house may be, if it is infested with bed bugs, then you are in for a long, hectic ride. It is challenging for any novice to identify bed bugs and not confuse them with other flies and insects.

You can immediately contact the pest services for professional support, right at your disposal. Here are the six most prevalent tips to get rid of bed bugs in all seasons.

Be comprehensive in the approach

The moment you see a bed bug in the vicinity, do not reach out to the nearest spray can. The bed bugs are tiny and agile creatures who cannot stay in one place for long. The chances are that all your spraying will go in vain.

It is essential to be comprehensive and consider your other options. Think, can alcohol kill bed bugs? Yes, they can. But only to a minimum extent. For the long-lasting impact, you will have to hire a professional pest control agency.

Clean up the mess

Clear out all the messy areas to avoid giving more infesting space to bed bugs. If you have fabrics lying around, gather them and keep them together.

The bed bugs tend to hide their eggs in laundry and other unattended clothes. Remove all such vantage points from plain sight, till you get rid of further infestation.

Purchase a bed bug encasement

Try to look for the hidden points of the bed bugs. The chances are that your mattress is hosting a maximum number of them. After cleaning your surroundings, buy a bed bug encasement for the mattress.

These encasements are very strong and keep the bugs are trapped in it, for at least a year. While buying the product, make sure to purchase the one with genuine reviews and effectivity.

Use heat to kill them

When the body temperature of the bed bugs reaches 113° F or 45° C, their endurance to heat starts ending. Most bugs are found dead at this temperature. To ensure that this heat reaches all corners of your house, you will have to increase the overall temperature of the house.

However, altering the thermostat temperature will not alone do this job. You will have to take help from professionals with special equipment for heat treatment.

Vacuum cleaning

Please remember that vacuum cleaning can only remove the bugs that are caught in the suction. They are not effective in killing the bed bugs permanently. Carefully vacuum around the far corners of the house, in between rugs, carpets, bed frames, upholstered furniture, and all cracks around the room.

Repeated vacuuming will show you better results. Also, tie the vacuum bin tightly and through it in a big dumpster, away from your surroundings.

Get specialized sprays

Sprays can kill bed bugs if they come in contact with them. You can look for sprays with Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) for the best results.

Non-toxic diatomaceous earth is an ecologically sustainable way of getting rid of insects and bugs.

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