Apple iPhone 8 to feature an iPad-like dock bar, gestures support.

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Now that it is highly likely that Apple is going to launch the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8 on the 12th of September, more and more details are coming out about the iPhone 8. The latest details that are out about this highly anticipated smart phone talk about the absence of the Touch ID.

A report given out by Bloomberg states that the iPhone 8 is going to do away with the physical Touch ID, which is touted to be one of the best features of the device. This report also gives a number of other details such as the functionalities without the physical Touch ID sensor. The report has images that show that the device has been tested by Apple, without the Touch ID.

The dock looks like a rectangular bar that is floating instead of being attached to the corners of the screen. The home screen will, however, look just the same as before with six rows of applications per page. The elements on the status bar are going to be divided into two. According to Bloomberg, the left side is going to show the time while the right side is going to show the signal bars, battery life and the Wi-Fi indicator. It has not been made clear where icons such as Orientation Lock and Location Services are going to be made available.

The iPhone 8 has an almost all screen design which has a small cut out at the top. This cut out is for the cameras and the sensors that the device will have. The Touch ID will be replaced with a dock bar that looks like the one which is found on the iPad. This bar can be used to open the iPhone by dragging it up. The user can also make a gesture such as swiping which will close the device and will make the device return to the home screen. This was shown with the help of an animation which depicted the process.

In the current iPhones, there is a feature of multitasking which can be done by double tapping on the Touch ID. This is going to be done away with in the iPhone 8 which will show the recent apps as standalone cards that can be swiped through by the user.

Olivier Charavel has created a mock-up of the dock bar to make the understanding of its features easier. This mock-up has the home screen of the iPhone 8 along with the example of the Health app of Apple. Guilherme Rambo has also shared a video which shows how the floating dock bar would be on the iPhone 8.

This report has pretty much confirmed that Apple is going to do away with the physical Touch ID but a question still remains about if it is going to be embedded under the display. The biometric authentication of the iPhone 8 is another thing that has not been clarified yet. Only September 12 will be able to put an end to all of our questions.

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