Food Combination Diet For Weight Loss: Combine Protein-Rich Foods With Other Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Faster

Food Combination Diet For Weight Loss: Combine Protein-Rich Foods With Other Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Faster

Want to lose weight quickly? Well, the solution is simple eat more of healthy and filling foods. Apart from this, a combination of foods can also help speed up your weight loss goals. Simply resorting to salads and soups might take long to lose weight. Instead a combination of two or three nutrients together may help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly. For instance, combining proteins with some healthy carbohydrates and proteins with fiber-rich foods can really help you shed those extra kilos without compromising on your health. Let us quickly list some food combinations which can help you lose weight effectively.

Combining proteins with these healthy foods can help in quick weight loss:
1. Lentils and rice
Lentils are rich in proteins and rice is rich in carbohydrates and has some amount of proteins as well. Thus, combining lentils with rice can be the simplest food combination which is really effective for quick weight loss. This combination makes for a perfect balanced wholesome meal.

2. Eggs and multi-grain bread
It goes without saying that whole eggs are a complete and an excellent source of protein. Simply having eggs along with a whole grain or multi-grain bread would be a weight-loss friendly meal. Whole grain bread is rich in carbs and can help you lose weight. On the other hand, proteins in egg will keep you satiated for a long time.

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3. Chicken with non-starchy vegetables
Chicken is an amazing source of protein. You can make a chicken salad along with non-starchy vegetables. Combine chicken slices with some healthy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, peas and beans. You can even stir fry these vegetables and add chicken to it. For vegetarians and vegans, tofu or cottage cheese would be the best option.

4. Greek yoghurt and fruits
Greek yoghurt is rich in calcium and proteins. It is also great for your gut health. Add some fruits or even healthy nuts and seeds to enhance the flavour of your dish and even the nutritional value.

5. Quinoa and vegetables
The pseudo- grain quinoa is an amazing source of protein with all the essential amino acids. Combine it with some vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and peas to make it all the nourishing and excellent for weight loss.

6. Oatmeal with fruits or yoghurt
Oatmeal is again a delicious and nutritious meal rich in dietary fiber and proteins. Add Greek yoghurt or some berries or even finely chopped vegetables to make it a wholesome meal beneficial for your overall health.

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