Get ready to take admission in Top MCA Colleges in India

It is often said that prepare well for an MCA entrance examination and that too beforehand many a times, however hardly anyone teach us what to do on the second stage if we make it to the first. Yes, we are talking about the interview stage and the counseling sessions which are must to get into the top MCA colleges in India which are far more difficult that the Top Engineering Colleges. Undoubtedly, clearing an entrance examination is mandatory, but cracking an interview is even more important. Otherwise, your first achievement will hardly matter. So, the best yet simple ways to get into Top MCA colleges in India are as follows:

  1. In-depth research of the college: The smart ones are those who know what they are heading for. Even though you may not be aware about the history of college you are aspiring for, but at least make sure to be known to its present. Yes, research the college pretty well beforehand. You should keep a track of the necessary details of the college such as its offering, its interview evaluation criteria, weight age ratio and admission guidelines. It is not a single sided process. Just in case the college seeks the best, you should search the best college or best fit for yourself too. Hence, work accordingly. It is often observed that an interview process in top MCA colleges in India is not merely an information gathering phase however it is considered as a part of the admission procedure and a file record is maintained as per your performance. So, keep all these scenarios in mind while surfing the college and going ahead.
  2. Dress gently and presentably: It is another aspect of your smartness that how well you present yourself. Even though it is said that your first impression is the last impression, we would suggest making every moment count by being confident, neat and precise in your presentation. Well, don’t be over professional as it is an admission interview. However, the dressing style differs as per the course at times. Such as for a fashion course interview, you may have to look like the one and in case of an interview in Top MCA colleges in India, you may have to prefer ethnic and professional clothes. So, whatever you wear, choose wisely and stay gentle in your appearance.
  3. Punctuality and Responsiveness: It is no wonder that being punctual is one of the most desired attributes in an aspiring professional or student. So, instead of getting late, appear at the venue 15 minutes before the start. It will not only help you to relax, however you will be having enough time to look around and observe. The second most important thing is how easily you present yourself in the interview. Be responsive in such a manner that neither it sounds a dull phase nor too high. As per the questions asked by the board of experts or the interviewers, answer accordingly. Even though opinions may differ, but still choose to be calm and composed and affirm your point gently and wisely. Feel relaxed and let them know about you in an honest yet in a smart way.
  4. Broad outlook to questions: It is a great thing to prepare well for the possible questions to be asked, but it is even better to look beyond and think. Undoubtedly, you should be aware about the probable questions and answers, but in case, if an out of box thing appears, you should be able to answer it uniquely. Yes, our prime motive is to teach to reveal you not to mug up. So, be prepared about a variety of questions such as
  • your choice of the college
  • relation between your coursework and your present field
  • your aspiring dreams in context of the stream
  • your reasons to follow the line and how college satisfies it and so on


  1. Talk about your strengths: It is very true to say that it is in your hand to mould the interview in a certain direction. If you want to end up in a positive manner and a good sign for you, talk about your skills, your strengths, your areas of interest and your achievements with the interviewer. But obvious to say that he/she will bend down to know more about your preferences and your key accomplishments in relation of the course or the field you are about to chose. Hence, instead of hovering over the negative side, move swiftly and flexibly to the next end and roam till you achieve what you want.
  2. Ask freely and precisely: It is a positive sign to ask whatever you want to the interviewer in a sophisticated way. So, whatever you want to ask, go ahead and have it. This will not only show the interviewer that how keenly you are interested to get into the college, however will actually reveal how long will you stay with them. You can even ask some offbeat questions too which are related to the college website and so on. It will definitely crack a positive edge for you.

Ultimately, as per Top Engineering Colleges in India, we can say that it takes nothing but share wisdom to crack an interview and counseling sessions to get into the top MCA colleges in India. So, go ahead and win your chance.



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