How to Make Restaurant Style Tomato Soup at Home: 5 Tips and Tricks To Get The Delicious Treat Right

Now, there are several reasons that possibly make tomato soup one of India’s most favourite soup. It is easy to make, it has the just the right amount of tanginess, and it is loaded with a bevy of nutritional qualities. The flavoursome and power-packed soup is especially a hit during monsoons. The damp weather makes one susceptible to several diseases associated like cold and flu, throat infections and tummy problems. Our metabolism takes a hit and our immunity levels tend to be low during seasonal change. To counter this, you need to fortify yourself from within with the maximum inflow of vitamins. A bowl of tomato soup is often recommended by health experts and nutritionists to fight infections, de-clog nasal passages and also promote increased secretions which helps in flushing out bacteria and viruses. It also makes for a delicious and comforting meal to enjoy on a breezy day with crisp and fried croutons. While you can easily make this bowlful of nutrition at home, there is always a thought of making it as good as the one you’ve had in your favourite restaurant. Here are some tips and tricks which can help you make restaurant-style tomato soup at home

1. Picking the right tomatoes: This one comes as no surprise. For the perfect tomato soup, you obviously need the perfect tomatoes. It is always better to use fresh and ripe tomatoes for the soup. Under ripe tomatoes can make your soup sour. Some even choose to roast the tomato until lightly brown before using them for the soup for a smoky flavour. Make sure the tomatoes are blanched first and then pureed together in a blender.


for perfect tomato soup it is essential to pick perfect tomatoes

2. Consistency: You can monitor the consistency of the tomato soup. Many prefer the light version of the tomato soup, while some like it thick, smooth and creamy. The thick and creamy soup you have in the restaurant is mostly a play of starch. Starch is a carbohydrate that comes from grains and roots. It gives your soup the thick consistency. Whisk flour or corn starch in a some water before adding it directly to the hot soup in order to thicken the soup and avoid clumps. Or you can also whisk together equal quantities of flour and butter, then cook over medium heat before stirring it in the broth for a thick consistency. If you think it is not dense enough, add more of the flour. Adding yogurt or fresh cream also gives it a great creamy texture and could be a healthier alternative.

tomato and rice soup 620
 Add yogurt or cream to your tomato soup for thicker consistency 

3. Balance of flavours: The key to a perfect tomato soup is a balance of flavours. While you get the tanginess from the tomatoes, you also need the creaminess and the characteristic sweetness. Make sure that no two tastes overpower each other. Also, do not add more than two teaspoons of flour or cornstarch, if you are making the soup for two.

4. Temperature when served: The soup is best enjoyed when served hot. Stir well and simmer the soup on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes, until the soup thickens and settles and serve immediately.

tomato soup

5.Garnish: When the soup is ready, pour the piping hot delight into soup bowls. You can top it with bit of cream, and fresh basil leaves or parsley, and serve them with fried croutons. You can also sautee some onions and garlic together and sprinkle it on top with a squeeze of lemon. Parmesan cheese is also a great option for the topping. You can also sautee some chopped bacon and onions and set it aside. Pour the soup into the saute pan, add some freshly- made cream, then pour soup into a bowl and garnish with the bacon.


You can garnish the tomato soup with parsley, basil and a dollop of cream

You can make the all-time favourite Tomato soup at home with this delicious recipe by Anita Mokashi. The creamy and sumptuous delight is easy to prepare and will be no less than the one you have in your favourite restaurants.

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