How To Prepare for Professional Movers

Leaving a home and relocating to a new one is never easy. Even if you aren’t doing the heavy lifting yourself, proper preparation is key to a peaceful transition. Here are some tips for getting your home in order before the movers arrive.

Decide What To Keep

Start this task well before moving day to ease stress and overwhelm.  Sort through your belongings and decide which items you won’t be taking with you.  Donate or sell items that are in good condition.  If you’ve hired moving services Charlotte NC, request a list of items they won’t move, typically items like perishable foods and cleaning supplies. Then come up with a plan to use or pass along those items.

Create an Inventory

Once you’ve determined the items that will move to your new home with you, it’s time to create an inventory list.  You’ll want to note the condition of each item, including any pre-existing damage.  Consider taking photos to help with this process.  Your inventory list will help you get an accurate moving estimate and protect you should anything happen during the move.

Pack Your Essentials

Not everything will be loaded onto the truck come moving day.  Separate out essential supplies such as overnight bags, chargers, and electronics.  You’ll also want to keep important documents and keys handy but away from items being moved by the professionals.

Confirm the Details

More important than confirming the number of movers and time of the move, double-check that all requirements for the movers will be available for moving day.  This means reserving a parking space for easy loading of the truck.  If you live in a building with an elevator, see if you can reserve access to an elevator for the duration of your move to avoid long wait times.

There is a lot going on whenever you are moving homes.  Make the transition easier by following these preparation tips.

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