Ina Garten says this might be her ‘favorite pizza ever,’ but the Internet is divided

Pizza toppings can spark heated debate among passionate pie enthusiasts — just take pineapple, for example. So it’s no surprise that the Internet is divided about another controversial ingredient, which Ina Garten says might be her favorite.

Over the weekend, the Barefoot Contessa posted a photo of a pizza covered in Brussels sprouts from Martina Pizzeria in New York City, which she wrote may be her “favorite pizza ever.”

The healthy-looking Brussels sprouts cacio e pepe pizza has shaved sprouts, pecorino romano cheese and black pepper. While some people shared Garten’s enthusiasm for the leafy green vegetable, others were not so convinced. However, many admitted they’d be willing to give it a try based on the famous chef’s opinion.

“OMGOODNESS NO!” one person wrote.

“Ahhh, no,” another wrote.

“I like Brussels [sprouts]…but on pizza? Maybe with bacon. I love your recipes though; it’s probably delicious,” another person commented.

“I can’t decide if that sounds good or not. It looks amazing!”

“I [don’t] know what to think about this… but I trust your judgement so I’m going to give it a try!!!”

Even Jennifer Garner got in on the debate. “This looks delicious,” the actress wrote.

This isn’t the first time Brussels sprouts have been the source of disagreement. Last year, the internet roasted the New York Times for its Brussels sprouts sliders recipe, which it deemed “your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer.”

“I would rather eat my own fingers,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Hard pass,” wrote another.

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