Kent Elite II: What Makes It a Great Choice of Commercial Water Purifier?

The deteriorating quality of tap water has escalated spread of diseases, which ultimately has left people with no other choice than using a purifier to get 100% safe drinking water. No one can deny the importance of water purifiers irrespective of whether it is at home or any commercial establishment. However, a water purifier that is ideal for home use might not be suitable for commercial establishments due to the heavy footfall. This is where the need for commercial water purifiers arises. The demand for commercial RO system is very high today.

Now the question that arises is which commercial RO system should you opt for? When it comes to the brand of water purifiers, Kent is a market leader in providing technologically advanced products. Among the range of water purifiers, Kent Elite II is a good choice for establishments looking for a good quality commercial RO purifier. If you are wondering what’s so good about it, read on to find out its best features.

Why Kent Elite II?

With an inbuilt TDS controller, Kent Elite II commercial water purifier works based on patented Mineral RO Technology. It retains the necessary natural minerals in water with the help of a TDS controller. Thus, this commercial RO system gives 100% tasty and safe drinking water.

Kent Elite II comes integrated with UF + RO + TDS Control, which doesn’t allow even the smallest of impurity to contaminate the water. The purification capacity of this purifier is 80 LPH, which is the highest ever. The best part is the water purifier can automatically start and stop with its auto on/off feature. You can also easily get it fixed to a water cooler. An optional storage tank with a capacity of 8-20 liters can also be attached to it.

Salient Features That Make Kent Elite II a Compelling Buy

Kent Elite II comes with amazing features that make it a rewarding buy.

  • Optional Hydrostatic Storage Tank

This storage tank is extremely helpful. Sometimes it may happen that there is no running tap water or no electricity supply. Such situations create a huge problem at the workplace. With Kent Elite II, there is no need to worry as there is an additional tank that can be attached. This tank has a storage capacity of 20 liters. This vouches for steady water supply even in situations wherein there is no water supply.

  • Incredible Purification Capacity

With two high-pressure pumps and four RO membranes, it facilitates 80 liters per hour flow of water. It easily gets rid of bacteria, salts, chemicals, viruses and every other impurity with UF + RO double purification system.

  • Mineral RO Technology 

Mineral RO Technology is an advanced technology, which besides balancing the TDS level in water, saves the essential minerals present in it. Unlike other purifiers, this commercial RO purifier takes care of your health. This patented technology of Kent provides tasty and safe water to drink.

  • Quality Certifications

The renowned laboratories of the world viz. NSF (USA) and WQA (USA & India) have tested the quality or purified water and certified it as the best purifier.

From the above features, it is evident that Kent Elite II is the best choice of commercial purifier with great efficiency. Invest in this purifier for your establishment and soon you will realize that you have made a well-informed decision of getting it installed.

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