Missouri State student emails all ‘Claudias’ on campus after accidental Tinder swipe

A Missouri State University freshman who accidentally “swiped left” on a fellow student named Claudia set out to find the woman he missed — by emailing every “Claudia” on campus.

Hayden Moll sparked the “Tinderella” story when, on the Tinder app, he swiped left instead of right on a profile for an 18-year-old student named “Claudia” and lost his shot.

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Moll unintentionally rejected Alley on the “Tinder” app.  (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

With the little information he had about “Claudia,” Moll searched the woman’s name on the state university’s website on Saturday and found 22 people named Claudia, Fox 2 Now reported. Moll, set on finding Claudia, emailed all 22 of them.

The “Claudia” the MSU student accidentally rejected received his email, and posted it online Saturday.

“THIS GUY LITERALLY EMAILED EVERY CLAUDIA AT MISSOURI STATE TO FIND ME ON TWITTER,” user Claudia Alley wrote in a tweet, which included screenshots of Moll’s email and her Tinder profile.

In Moll’s email, he acknowledged he “made a rookie mistake” when he unintentionally passed on Claudia, and detailed the profile’s bio with other information to specify which Claudia he was looking for.

He requested that if the correct Claudia received his email, to reply with “right” or “left” to see if she was interested in meeting up for “some donuts or something” with him.

Moll told the Springfield News-Leader that Claudia Alley was one of the first people to respond to his email, and Alley, whose tweet as of Tuesday night has been retweeted more than 28,000 times, said she thought their story would be a hit, but “didn’t know it would be this big.”

Alley added she thought Moll’s gesture was funny, rather than creepy, and said the two plan on getting doughnuts this week.

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