Personal Injury: When Representing Yourself Might be a Risky Affair

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If you suffer an injury as a result of someone else’s fault – whether on the road, on a premises, at the hospital or any other place – you could be entitled to compensation. However, before you receive the settlement or judgment, the insurance company or the jury must have evidence to prove that the other party was indeed liable for your injury.

The good thing about evidence is that you can collect it at the scene of the accident. For instance, if it’s a road accident, you can just take a couple of pictures displaying the direction of the cars, road signs, extent of damage, bodily injuries, scratch marks on the road among other things. You can also take witness contact numbers as well as the police report. However, this is only possible when your injury isn’t severe, and you are aware of what you need to do after an accident.

But unfortunately, many people who are involved in such accidents are often not aware of what’s required of them to present a strong case against the responsible party. So, by the time they file a claim with the insurance company, they only end up with unfair compensation, if they are lucky, or nothing altogether. That’s one of the reasons why it’s often recommended that accident victims call an experienced lawyer as soon as an accident happens.

Top lawyers like those from Naqvi Injury Law provide a free initial consultation, so it costs nothing to inquire about the necessary steps to take to ensure you get maximum compensation for the injuries and property damages. Meaning, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Again, many accident victims aren’t often aware of their rights. So, they sit there and hope that the truth will prevail in the end. Some of them even end up apologizing to the other parties for the accident. This is totally wrong. As a victim of an accident, you are not supposed to say sorry because that word alone will be used against you. Issuing statements to the insurance company is also a risky affair because these people are in it for business. If you think about it, paying you does nothing to boost their bottom line. Having a lawyer by your side ensures that you don’t say anything that will end up implicating you. In fact, a lawyer can speak on your behalf and save you from messing up.

The insurance company can fail to yield to your demands, claiming that you were equally at fault for the accident. Better yet, they might agree to compensate you, but only a fraction of what you deserve. In such a case, you may want to move to court and let the jury decide. Without a good lawyer by your side, this will prove to be a challenging task, considering insurance companies hire high flying lawyers to protect their business. Working with a lawyer who has a good reputation sends signals that there is a possibility of litigation – something many insurance firms would wish to avoid. Often, the sight of a lawyer makes them want to listen to you.

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