Pests are a Threat to Restaurants and other Food Businesses

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Commercial kitchens, restaurants, and other businesses in the foodservice industry are charged with the responsibility of protecting the consumers by preventing food contamination and transmission of pest-related diseases within their premises. Besides, every state or country has a food safety regulation that mandates that food handling premises exclude rodents and other types of pests.

In addition to the issue of food sanitation, pest infestations can affect your restaurant or food business in terms of control and prevention costs, replacement of damaged section especially if the premises have been invaded by termites, and loss of business reputation. Litigation from the public and relevant authorities could also affect your business. Therefore, it makes sense to contact an Oakdale rodent control expert to inspect your property and take the necessary pest control strategies.

The damage associated with rodents

Rodents are a key player in the urban pest category, and rats and mice are commonly found in homes, restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafes, and nearly anywhere else they can find food and shelter. They are adaptive, little devils that get attracted by food supplies. Surprisingly, they don’t venture far from their nests. So, if you spotted a rat in your commercial kitchen, it doesn’t stay far away.

Mice and rats multiply faster than you think, and given abundant food supply and shelter, they can easily multiply into large numbers. These creatures contaminate foods they step on, and their droppings aren’t human-friendly. In addition to damaging your cereals and packaging, they’re known for transmitting diseases such as Salmonellosis. The last thing you want is someone getting sick due to food contamination in your restaurant.

Cockroach infestations could ruin your food business

Studies show that cockroaches are the common crawling insects that invade food cafes, restaurants, and other businesses that handle food. Their small size allows them to hide in crevices. Their varied diet and ability to reproduce faster makes it challenging to control their population.

They are nocturnal – they shelter during the day and come out at night to feed and identify other places for shelter. This doesn’t mean they are not a threat to your business. These crawly crawlies are known to cause food contamination and transmission of diseases. For instance, they carry disease-causing bacteria, including E.coli and Salmonella, which contaminates packaging, food items, cooking equipment, and other surfaces.

Flies can ruin everything

Flies are another big problem for restaurants. Different species of flies get attracted to dirty surfaces, fruits, dirty drains, and more. Due to their breeding and feeding habits, flies pose a threat to food business in terms of contamination. Studies show that they transmit more than 200 different pathogens.

Prevention is recommended

A restaurant, food café, and any other food business are very different from your home. A single rat spotted by a customer in your restaurant could jeopardize your hard-earned reputation. You don’t want to own the most rat-infested, fly-infested, or insect invested business. This will affect sales, and when you get sued, you will regret why you never prevented the infestations.

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