Play online multiplayer browser games with friends and make money

If you are a genuine gamer you have probably heard of the browser games. And if you haven’t let me introduce quickly the concept to you. The browser games are just online games that you can play on specific portals. The logging in is completely free of charge and by playing you can earn points exchangeable for valuable prizes. So basically – you can earn money by playing games.

The concept has been so quickly popularized that nowadays it is a piece of cake to find loads of portals for browser gamers and choose the one most appropriate for you. Along with the popularization of the concept the new types of games have emerged. Right now you have a wide choice of games available to play. And you can even hang out with your friends at the same time if you choose to play multiplayer browser games.

What online multiplayer browser games you can play

Just to make it clear – you don’t need to call your friends every time you want to play. It is up to you with who you play. You always have an opportunity to invite your friends to compete which you can use of or not. You may as well play with total strangers if you don’t want to get competitive with your mates or you are keen on different types of games. And actually – what online multiplayer browser games you can play?

The portals of browser games are now pools of possibilities – you have probably heard of many of them as you can find there classics such as Counter Strike, Need For Speed or Fifa. You can play then first person shooter, racing and sports games but apart from the popular ones you can find the less known but still addictive ones. You are able to play battle field games if you like Warcraft-like environment or choose management games in which you can manage your farm. The choice is wide and you are the one to make the decision. And the more you play the more you earn.

Earn money by playing games

As mentioned before – by playing games you earn points and exchange them later for prizes. I guess I don’t need to convince you that a little competition when playing online multiplayer browser games motivates you a little bit more to make an effort and try to win. But even if the odds are not always in your favour you can gain points by some additional activities.

To gain more points you can post gaming articles, watch videos, prepare guides for games or inviting your friends to play. Even logging in itself gives you some points! You don’t have to fear that losing when playing deprives you of prizes. And still – the most important thing is just to have fun playing and that you should always keep in mind first. And the benefits second 😉


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