Pogo Pins To Receive The Best Connector Solution

Brass Pogo Pin Connector, Male, 0.5 mm, Rs 222 /piece Aerocircle Automation  Private Limited | ID: 22075164255

Pogo pins are spring-loaded connectors, which have become increasingly popular these days. You can use this pogo pin for different applications, including docking, charging, or board-to-board connections.

These pins boast many advantages, and that is why it distinguishes from other connector types. Below are the reasons why pogo pins are familiar today and how it becomes a perfect fit for several applications?

Best user experience:

Usually, spring-loaded connectors offer many conveniences. When it comes to electronic products, everyone will have their individual legitimate opinion. Making considerable changes to the existing products makes the brand loyal to the customers and gives a wow-effect to the users.

Very often, pogo pin connectors provide this user experience enhancement, mainly when performed to align them to the device automatically.

Most durable connectors:

Compared to other connector types, spring-loaded connectors are vertically compressed and durable too. The purpose of this unidirectional compression is to reduce the wear and tear on each part. If you insert a connector, scratching of two metal sheets may happen and, in turn, damage the outer plating eventually.

The current carrying capacity will also get reduced. The effect is going to be stronger if users plug the connector with a strong force. However, you can avoid this with pogo pins’ help in which the frictional elements interact between barrel and plunger. A limited internal spring force is what you need to generate friction.

Small space connector:

Mostly, connectors are small and delicate or else significant and stable. With pogo pins, you will get both the advantage of a single product. Yes, these pins are too small but can survive up to one million compressions because of their specific spring design, which maintains their size and firmness.


The stamping process generates most connectors, and this process uses a thin metal piece to stamp it in the appropriate shape. On the other hand, pogo pins make through the turning process. The turning process takes a round metal piece to spin it fast. Cost is the main difference between the stamping and turning process while making a mold.

Approximately 5000 USD can be required to produce a mold. Pogo pins are the most effective alternative for non-standard and low quantity connectors.

High tolerant connectors:

No other connectors have such a high travel except pogo pin connectors. So, this offers a sufficient amount of freedom to the users when they use the connector. The working travel compensates for small production errors. The most mobile case derives from plastic. So the back cover expands and lifts the contact pad out of the connectors.

So, the fingerprint sensor at the back of your mobile phone fails to work. You can avoid this error if you use a more extended travel connector, which provides a high tolerance to material collapsing. To get custom and waterproof connectors, hire tts group that can offer all sorts of connecting cables at a fair price. You can rest assured to get the best connectors of superior quality within your budget.

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