Potty Training Tips


Deciding that your child is ready to start potty training really must be a mutual decision. Even though your youngster probably can’t articulate yay or nay, unless he or she is a little bit interested, you won’t be able to force the issue no matter how ready you are.

Keep the Potty Handy

One mistake eager parents make is making the potty difficult to get to. If your child has to turn away from their favorite cartoon or game to go down the hall to the bathroom, you may have to learn about urine removal Turnersville NJ on your sofa or carpet. Even though it’s a little yucky for the grown-ups, let junior sit on his little potty while watching TV. Once he figures out how the whole mechanical process works, he’ll be much better at reading his body’s signals.

Praise; Don’t Berate

Nobody gets a new skill right the first time. Consider yourself your child’s trainer. Offer encouragement for each step forward no matter how small. Just like your personal fitness trainer encourages you for the small progress you make towards your exercise goals, praise your little one for the (baby) steps she makes towards being fully trained. Remember when she was learning how to walk and fell down more than she stood up? And remember how excited you were when she finally took her first step? Apply that parental enthusiasm and support to potty training.

Buy Cheap Underwear

One of the most frustrating aspects of potty training for parents is the mess they contend with. Take this annoyance out of your day by buying cheap underwear at the local discount store or Goodwill and keeping a pair of scissors handy. When junior has an accident, cut the underwear off and throw it away. Releasing yourself from having to deal with the sopping, stinky mess can be a game changer in your attitude, and your little prince or princess will notice.

Don’t let potty training get you down. Set yourself and your darling up for success even if it comes later rather than sooner.

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