Risks associated with asbestos exposure

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of six fibers. They have been used extensively due to their strength in chemical- and fire-resistant properties. They have also been applied in the construction industries, where they have been used for insulation, construction of fireproof buildings, and military vehicles. They have also been used as reinforcement for cement and plastics and sound absorbers. The fibers are not harmful until they are exposed to the environment where they become airborne and inhaled.

Risks associated with asbestos

Once they are inhaled, the asbestos fibers attach to the mesothelial layer of the central body organs and alter the organs’ cell functions, causing severe inflammation and malignancy around the area. The inflammation eventually results in a severe type of cancer called mesothelioma. The invincible airborne fibers are a deadly caseinogen. Cancer-associated by asbestos fibers Include;

  • Pleural mesothelioma: it is a type of lung cancer. The asbestos fibers settle on the mesothelial lining of the lungs, causing inflammation of the cells around the lungs.
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma: Affects the mesothelial lining of the abdomen. When the fibers are ingested, they attach to the lining of the abdomen, causing inflation.
  • Pericardium mesothelioma: Affects the heart. It is very lethal as it may go unnoticed. It is mainly discovered during an autopsy of a deceased victim, Testicular mesothelioma: Affect the testis. It is still unclear how the asbestos gets their ways into the testis’ inner lining.

People that are at a higher risk 

The people that have worked directly with the asbestos have a high risk of contracting asbestos-related cancer; these people include;

  • Railway construction workers
  • Building construction workers
  • Plastic, floor, and chemical manufacture
  • Firefighters
  • Fabric milling
  • People standing at a demolition site
  • Asbestos miners
  • The shipbuilding industries and naval service

Being diagnosed and found that you have mesothelioma can be very scary, especially for a person who has never heard of it. The first thing to do when you have mesothelioma is to seek various ways to fund your treatment as they can be costly. It would be best if you looked for a mesothelioma lawyer. The lawyer specializes in lawsuits involving mesothelioma. Some importance of having a mesothelioma lawyer include;

  • A mesothelioma lawyer will take you step by step on the legal process required to facilitate your compensation so that you have enough funds for treatment.
  • They will gather all the crucial evidence to ensure you win the case or get the best settlement.
  • They will help you find the trust fund that the company has put aside to help victims like you.
  • Having many years of experience in this type of case, a mesothelioma lawyer knows the amount of compensation you are eligible for and gives you all the possibilities of winning a case.
  • Some lawyers offer free consultation and free case evaluation.
  • Mesothelioma lawyers are more concerned about their clients and not money. Thus, having one will help speed up your lawsuit.

When diagnosed with mesothelioma, need not worry. There are trust funds worth about thirty billion dollars set aside for mesothelioma patients. The average settlement amount is about one to two million dollars. You only need to find a good mesothelioma lawyer to help you out.

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