Seeing the Small Picture and the Big Picture

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Even with the rise of instant photo-sharing on social media, one practice that has outright refused to be phased out is making holiday photo cards. When you send them out, the goal should always be to make a small but meaningful gesture to friends and family. It’s the stuff that holds bonds together. To make sure you have great-looking cards, there are a few tips you need to know. Keep reading to find out.

Big Pictures Over Small Ones

Think about it; there’s no drawback to using big pictures. If your photo card is going to be small, all the pixels get cramped together, which actually results in higher resolution and crisp images. If the card’s going to be small, you’ll absolutely need to have as many pixels as possible. Without that, you risk getting a washed-out picture.

Remember to set your camera to the highest pixel settings when taking the photos so the cards you use them to look stunning.

Pick Quality Over Setting

We’ve all had to face that tough decision: a great background but the subjects won’t look as clear or a more subtle setting with the subjects of the photo in full and sharp view. It’s always great when the two can co-exist but that’s not always the case. When faced with that decision, opt to have your partner, kids or travel buddies looking clear in the photo, even at the expense of that wonderful background.

For example, if the great background means shadows all over their faces, you’re better off sacrificing it. The people in the picture will be matter most when you’re using the pictures for your photo cards.

Make It Impressive

This is a chance to make your card look great and have the people you’re sending it to spending several minutes marveling at how great it looks. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to invest tons of effort into it.

You can get your holiday photo cards looking great courtesy of The process will be a lot more fun thanks to the ease of use you’ll experience. The system’s also very convenient so customizing your photo card will take a short time and it will tick all the right boxes. If you run into any problems, you’ll be thankful for the fast and helpful customer service.

Share Some Family News

Even the best looking photos need to accompanied by a story or two. If the picture is of your kids, don’t just show beautiful they are. Talk about how interesting they are, too. You can print something on the card itself or handwrite a nice note to make it a bit more sentimental.

While the picture alone will put a smile on recipients’ faces, a little note telling them a funny story about your family or partner will give them a nice chuckle that they’ll appreciate. It’ll also give them a chance to stay up to date with the goings-on in your lives.

There you have it: four tips to liven up your holiday photo cards. As a bonus, here’s one last tip. Make sure it’s delivered on time. Yes, life is busy but you have six full weeks to squeeze it into your schedule. That’s enough talking from us; go on and use this knowledge to make wonderful photo cards.

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