Simple Tricks to Learn Math Formulas


Math is a subject which is full of formula. The most difficult task for most of the students is learning and remembering them for their exams. It is often easy dealing with a single formula, but all together creates confusions in a kid’s brain. Now there is no need to worry as there are a few simple and easy ways used for memorizing the formulas.

Here are a few simple and basic tricks to learn formulas.

  • Learn every variable and the relationship of a formula along with their significance. By doing this, one can easily remember and apply the formula to find out the solutions.
  • Be attentive and stay focused during the class sessions. Make a note of all the important points taught and discussed in the classroom.
  • The best method of learning math formulas is by practicing them on a regular basis.
  • Never try to memorize the formulas blindly. Make a list of all formula in a sheet of paper and keep on recollecting during your leisure time.
  • Refer the complete theory part of the topic to have a clear idea about the different formulas used. This helps in solving difficult problems further. For example: Before solving numerical problems on perimeter of a square make sure to learn the definitions, properties, and formula.
  • Always have a positive attitude, concentration, and mindset towards the subject. Stay away from all sorts of distractions.
  • Practice more questions from NCERT solutions and textbooks as it is the best for the basic level of preparation.
  • Refer more study materials, as students can learn different tricks and methods used to solve different problems.
  • Learn the shortcut tricks in remembering the complex math formulas. As this helps in learning and recollecting the formulas quickly during exams.
  • These were a few simple tricks to remember math formulas. Students can also make use of the technologies including online videos, YouTube videos, apps, etc. Here students can learn in detail, along with several solved problems and numbers of examples of different concepts, including mensuration, co-prime numbers, area of a solid figure, statistics, etc.

Hope these tips will be useful for learning Math Formulas easily and effectively.

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