The Many Benefits of Modern Dentures

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A number of different devices can be used to restore your smile after losing a full set of teeth, but very few options are as popular as dentures. In addition to being extremely comfortable, these appliances are also more durable than ever. When combined with dental implants, your new dentures will fully restore your smile so that you can once again speak and eat with confidence.

Continue to Eat Your Favorite Foods

One of the biggest downsides of losing adult teeth is the impact that it has on your diet. Those who lose multiple permanent teeth typically have to switch over to a soft food diet. Modern dentures feel just like real teeth, and you will most likely not need to make any changes to your diet once they are in place and your mouth has fully healed.

They Can Be Altered, Removed, or Replaced at Any Time

Contrary to what many people believe, the soft tissue inside your mouth will continue to change throughout your lifetime. Most dentures are made from a type of acrylic plastic that can easily be adjusted whenever your gums and jaws move around. In some cases, a dental team can make changes to these appliances in 20 or 30 minutes with a few specialized tools.

Dentures Last for Years

After restoring your smile with dentures Skokie IL, you won’t have to worry about your teeth for years. The dentures themselves typically last for at least a decade as long as the patient follows all aftercare instructions. If you decide to have implants installed as well, then you can expect the titanium rods to last for at least two or three decades.

Struggling with an incomplete smile can be devastating, and that is one of the reasons why so many people have turned to long-term restorative devices such as dentures. These appliances take just a few days to manufacture, and they often last for 10 years or longer with the proper maintenance.

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