These 5 Blunders Might Invade Your Home With Pests

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A clean home is one of the most important things to focus on this new decade because it houses our activities and emotions. Spotless and sparkling surroundings not only prevent disease and decay but are also proven to be better for the mental health of the people residing there.

Read on to find out which mistakes to avoid so that pests don’t invade your home:

Accumulation of unwashed clothing or bedding

Our body naturally releases fluids like saliva, sweat, grime, etc., which inevitably get collected on everything we wear or sleep on. Additionally, some people might work or eat in bed, which leaves crumbs all over the sheets, making them prone to attack from pests like ants and spiders that feed on this dirt.

Thus, it is advisable to wash and change bedsheets, mattresses, and pillow cover regularly. Moreover, try to prevent piling up of laundry or used clothes in a massive mass as flies are attracted to the stench.

Having a furry friend at home

Pets are supposed to be a source of constant joy and laughter, but unfortunately, they also bring unwelcome guests into your house. Not only do ticks and other bugs attach themselves to the thick fur on their bodies, but also playful cats or dogs might even bring dead rodents or fish into the house.

To avoid this occurrence, always remember to clean your pet’s food and toys daily and keep a check on what and with whom they are playing outside.

Open drains or standing water

Standing water is dangerous because it can be home to larvae or mosquito eggs. If you live near a water body, it is of the utmost importance that your windows and doors are sealed with nets to prevent mosquito infestation.

Open drains invite all kinds of flies and fleas to feed on the waste material in and around the water channels. If you are unsure about how to go about the entire process of making your house pest-free, you can contact agencies for pest control in Boise, ID. They are professionals and will guide you through the whole process of creating a safe home.

Untended houseplants

Some house plants produce sweet sticky substances or smell that attracts insects like bees and springtails. Moreover, the wet soil also attracts ants and other pests.

To avoid this, do not over-water your houseplants and keep the soil moist all the time. Also, make sure that no dirt is spilling over the pots and onto the ground.

Leftover food, dirty garbage cans, and dishes

This one is a no-brainer. It is undeniable that if you keep moist and grimy utensils or food lying around after using them, all kinds of pests ranging from flies to bees to ants will make a home out of them.

The critical thing to remember is to buy garbage cans with a closing lid and not to let dirty dishes pile up in the sink.

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