Tips on finding the best data recovery company

Data Recovery Basic

With the advancement of technology, the computer has taken center stage in the 21st century. This means that every other person has turned to this gadget for data storage. From the big corporations to the small business people in the streets, computers are used to store very crucial data. This is considered the easiest and the most convenient way to store data; however, it has its challenges especially in the event that the computer is invested with a malware or the software crashes. Data is lost and therefore has to be recovered. It’s one thing to get a reputable data recovery lab but it’s another thing to tell which among them is the most appropriate company to recover your lost data.

Here, we present a few tips on how to identify the best data recovery company

What is the company’s history in data recovery?

Just like any other industry, you need to know for how long the data recovery company has been in service provision. Ask for the clients they have served before and get to find out the reviews. Does the company have a physical address and for how long have they been in that location. An ingenuine recovery company would not keep the same location for long.

What is the company’s data recovery process?

Here you are looking for a provider who will do free diagnosis and quote and again you need someone who will not charge you for the services in case the data is not recovered. Understanding their recovery process will help you avoid cases where your money is spent without returns. Some providers would want to get the payment upfront because they know it is possible that the data will not be recovered, beware!

Get to know where your hard drive would be stored and whether it will leave their facility

You need to confirm that your data will be secure and that there is no risk of theft or loss. Remember your data is the heart of the business and any loss to fraudsters may lead to massive losses. They must have a Data rescue center, which would keep your drives in a vault that only qualified, and authorized technicians can access.

Get to know how they diagnose hard drive issues

He/she is the expert, yes; however, you need to know their ability to do the recovery. Which procedure will they use? How do they determine the hard drive problem? They should be in a position to show you the tools they use to diagnose and do repairs.

Find out if the company has a clean environment to open a hard drive

A physical data recovery process would require an environment without even the slightest of debris or dust. Any of these could lead to data loss and that is why a well-established company will have an ISO 5 clean room

The list of the things to look out for when determining the appropriate data recovery company is endless. However, the most fundamental thing is to do enough research and from a variety of companies, get the most fitting for your kind of problem.

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