Ways To Prepare Your Home For Spring Pest Invasions

Very soon, we will be shivering in the cold. During that time, sipping on a hot cup of coffee, all we think about is spring! Spring — the most beautiful season of the year. The flowers in full bloom, the season of beautiful earthy colors, and cute short dresses. But humans aren’t the only beings excited for the arrival of Spring. Nasty pests are waiting patiently in their dirty holes to come out and crawl into your home as soon as spring comes.

After the long, harsh winter, these creepy crawlers will come out of their holes, hungry, homeless, and ready to raise a family. Your home is their target. In that light, what can you do to protect your nook this Spring? For starters, you can contact ace pest controllers like Elevate pest control. But before that, try out the following tips. They might come in handy.

Food and waste management

As soon as the ice subsides, nasty pests start looking for shelter, food, and water. Keeping that in mind, it’s essential to store your food item cautiously, away from the reach of insects.

Make use of airtight containers to keep the food items locked away properly. Additionally, keep a close lid on the waste bins so that they do not become a breeding ground for pests.

Clean environment

Spring cleaning is not a joke! Over the winter, people tend to gather a lot of junk and useless items which often attract pests. Thus, it’s essential to throw away any such unnecessary things to keep the home clutter-free during the spring season.

Check your interior

This year, do not just limit your spring cleaning to the curtains and bed linens. Take a step further and adequately inspect your interior. It is a good idea to store away all the decorations purchased during the winter season.

Additionally, check out the damp and dark sections of the house. These include the attic and basement. Insects often make such places their homes, so it’s better to clean these places before the pests find a way in.

Moisture management

With the onset of spring, one has to deal with a lot of moisture. This can include rain, snow, and run-off. Pests often get drawn towards these damp areas while they are searching for drinking water or for a wet area to thrive in.

In that light, any form of stagnant water like leaky pipes, clogged drains still pool water can become the hub of infestation. Though one cannot do anything about the snow or rain, it is essential to keep the sanitation and plumbing system clutter-free.

Thorough checking

The problem with pests is that they do not hide in plain sight. They take on all the nook and corners of the house, that too in the darkest areas. Keeping that in mind, check your garage thoroughly for hornet or wasp nests.

To prevent an infestation, repair any damaged infrastructure and make sure that the garage is not damp. Additionally, put away all the boxes neatly, and most importantly, away from the floor. Pests are indeed disgusting. Thus, you must be all geared up this spring to show them the door.

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