What is in a brand?

Branding is the art of bringing science and psychology to play to create a promise mark as opposed to a trademark. Brands have a value that can be put in a balance sheet and they outlive products. When Tata motors- an Indian company bought Jaguar and Range Rover from Ford, they weren’t buying the factories but the brand. When you want to build value for your company, you build the brand. This is what people see, prospects will buy the brand and not the product and that is why great companies invest a fortune to make sure that their brand sells.

Whatever you know about a product, whether good or bad is because of branding. Therefore, it is necessary for any business, whether small or big, that would want to survive the strong winds of competition. Therefore, why branding?

It unifies the business

All the parts of the business; the logo, the product, online presence are linked through branding and when presented to the market, the message is clear to the consumers, business partners, and even competitors.

A brand is an asset

You present to the masses a chunk of your business; many parts of the business are brought together and harmonized. The brand holds a lot at stake; the finances, time, creativity are on the line. Branding could determine whether you get losses or profits at the end of the day.

Branding creates sales and revenue for the business

Branding is what brings in sales and revenue and therefore how you do your branding will determine the much you will sell – a poorly crafted brand will keep customers at bay and therefore poor penetration. Brand marketing strategies are what will bring you revenues and in fact, customers will test you on that.

Branding is a public proclamation

When you’re presenting your brand to the prospective customers, you are simply telling them “this is our promise and you can hold us accountable on such”. Whatever the company stands for should be replicated across the departments to avoid a disconnect and thus confuse customers.

Branding creates perception

When you are choosing a brand or designing one, you are simply intentional on how you’d want others to view you. Simply put, that is how you want others to know you. Therefore, when designing a brand, it’s an opportunity to honestly and openly project what the company represents.

Branding is what creates preference

A business without a brand is like a beautiful girl who is dressed in rags; no one will ever notice them. Brands create exciting memories and good times that customers will never forget. This is a result of a good brand. This actually what leads to customer loyalty and loyal customers will stand with the business even during the downtime.

A brand builds trust with your customers

Branding gives your customers a reason to test you based on your promise. Excellent customer service, clarity on the product offerings and positive online communication will get the consumer hooked to your brand.

Build a fanatical following by getting the best web design service provider who will do a brand website that will project the perfect image you’d want out there. When crafting a company website, the designer should be privy to this integral part of the business. Do not compromise on that which will determine prosperity or death of your business.

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