WhatsApp has begun testing verified business numbers

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WhatsApp has officially started testing the business accounts that have been verified on its platform. The company has said that it is ‘exploring ways for you to communicate with the businesses that matter to you’.

Some of the business accounts that exist on WhatsApp have been verified which means that these accounts now have a green tick next to the name of the business. These accounts now officially belong to business profiles that carry out their operations with the help of WhatsApp. One of such of these businesses that has been verified by WhatsApp is BookMyShow.

When a user begins chatting with one these accounts which has been verified by WhatsApp, they receive a prompt from WhatsApp. This prompt lets the user know that they are chatting with a business account.

If your number has been registered with WhatsApp as a business number, you will see a green badge next to your name. However, if your name has already been saved by the user as something else, then the official business name will not appear. Instead, the name that the user has saved your number under will show as the official business name on WhatsApp.

If the business is reaching out to someone who does not have their number saved, the name of the business will show on the chat. The messages that a user has with a particular business will be marked in yellow and will not be able to be deleted. Users can also choose to stop receiving messages from businesses by blocking the contact on WhatsApp.

At the moment, the verification of businesses has only been limited to a certain number of businesses that are taking part in the pilot program. However, the feature is going to be rolled out to all the business very soon so that the businesses can utilize the potential of India’s 200 million monthly active users.

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